The Beauty and Simplicity of Simply BU’s 3D-Printed World

Simply BU is the brand behind Burçin Uçak, a Turkish interior architect based in Belgium with a remarkable talent for 3D printing. She has brought her designing talents to the 3D printing world with stunning jewelry and accessories.

This designer merges her interest for new technologies and materials with 3D printing, up-cycling and 3D game design. Welcome to the world of Simply BU!

When and why did you decide to become a designer?

Since my childhood, I have always been very creative. But despite knowing that I love designing, I never thought about doing it professionally. After high school, trying to understand who I was and what I wanted to do in my life, I participated in a month of classes at an art school thanks to a suggestion from my parents. The course included photography, interior design, painting and more. After that, I realized I couldn’t live without designing: it’s who I am and I decided to go for it.


Bow tie. Polyamide (SLS) © Simply BU

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Generally, I am inspired by geometric forms. For example, I have many square and cubic designs. However, for my last designs, I got inspired by nature and Voronoi Patterns. Now I play with more curvy and organic forms.

How would you sum up your style in a few words?

The beauty of simplicity.


Spiral Ring. Steel natural polish © Simply BU

What is your normal workflow for a new project?

Contrary to most designers, I do not really sketch. When I am inspired, I directly have my version of the form in my mind and I draw it in a 3D program, make copies and start playing with different versions of the idea. I find it clearer to work with a 3D model than a drawing.

After modeling, then comes the most important part for me: prototyping. I test the design by printing it with my own printer. For some designs, I remember doing at least ten prototypes in order to find the correct thickness, strength, comfort, fluent form and a better reaction from the customer. I find prototyping is an ongoing process.

Burçin Uçak

3D designer Burçin Uçak

When I was designing in the beginning, I was more careless, but nowadays when I design, I have learned to pay more attention to the printability of the design for the material I want to use. I pay more attention to its technical details, thickness, unnecessary and heavy vertex information, etc.

So my workflow still changes with experience, designing and testing more.

What is your favorite 3D printing material to work with?

My favorite material is polyamide. It’s affordable for the designer and the customers.

I also really like the fact that it can be painted literally in any color. A polyamide print can be turned into a unique piece by playing with the tone of colors, like ombre dyeing techniques or painting in multiple colors. The number of options gives so much freedom to the designer.


Rings. Polyamide (SLS) dyed © Simply BU

Which 3D modeling software do you use?

I use Blender to model.  It’s open-source, very easy to use and it has very artistic modifiers that save a lot of time for certain complex models. It helps me a lot as I make a lot of copies of one idea and I can still go back and change the model very easily without getting lost in thousands of vertexes.

What is the main advantage of using 3D printing for your designs?

With 3D printing it’s possible to manufacture very detailed, complex designs that may not be possible or would be very hard and time-consuming to be manufactured by other traditional methods or certain materials. It also offers different material choices. One design can be printed in many different materials. I love that it offers so much freedom!

When and how did you get introduced to the world of 3D printing?

I got introduced to the world of 3D printing in 2010 when I was still studying architecture in Belgium. I saw some examples of architectural models and the following years after that I saw more DIY 3D printers from makers and Fablabs.

At the end of 2014, I got my own 3D printer and I got more and more involved with the technology since then.


Cuadrado ring. Steel natural polish © Simply BU

What is the biggest challenge you face in your jewelry business?

My biggest challenge is to turn some extreme, possibly uncomfortable models into usable, comfortable pieces of jewelry. As I use a lot of square and cubic forms, some of my rings have sharp edges.

Most people are already not used to square rings and uncomfortable forms make them question them even more. So my challenge is to find a way to soften sharp forms but still keep the identity of the piece.

How is 3D printing improving your creative business?

The most important thing is that 3D printing makes things very efficient. I should say I support the designers that make handmade, artisan products but that process requires the designer to be there from the first step to the last. You have to be fully present and dedicate yourself to a relatively long making process.


Wire Ring. Silver Gloss © Simply BU

With 3D printing, after designing and prototyping, you are ready to go. For me, 3D printing is a smart, creative way of doing business. With fewer working hours and effort, you create time and energy to do anything you want.


Discover more about the Simply BU jewelry pieces on Burçin’s online shop and get inspired by her beautiful Facebook and Instagram feeds.

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