Aluminum Price Drop: 3D Printed Aluminum Just Got Cheaper!

Good news for those of you who like printing in metal. After announcing a steep titanium price drop in 2016, this year also comes with good news: our aluminum prices just dropped!

Direct Metal Laser Sintering is one of the most fascinating manufacturing technologies currently in existence. In order to give every designer, artist, tinkerer and creative mind access to this cutting-edge 3D printing process, we are happy to announce that aluminum prices for our 3D printing service have dropped… significantly.

Over the last months we have been working hard on optimizing our metal printing facility and have acquired some of the most advanced aluminum 3D printers in the world – which allow us to print at much lower prices as of today! Of course, you will benefit from these savings as well.

Piguin by Bert De Niel

Piguin by Bert De Niel

The price drop kicks in with a minimum model volume of 3 cm³. The bigger the model, the bigger the price drop will be. At a model volume of 22cm³ it will reach its maximum reduction of an astonishing 50% – so we really aren’t talking about peanuts.

As you already might have noticed, the exact percentage of the price drop depends on the volume of your 3D model. Looking at our order history we can say that– on average – our customers will save 24% on their aluminum prints from now on.

To find out your new aluminum price, upload your model(s) now and start saving big time!