3D print something in Bronze

Metal Month is in full gear now! We’ve got two metal based design challenges running, we’ve given you the ability to gold plate your stainless steel designs, and all of this at a 10% reduction through the month. Well guess what? We aren’t done yet. How about being able to 3D print in bronze as well? Does that sound cool to you guys? It sure as hell does to us, so without any further ado…

Starting today we’re giving you the possibility to 3D print in bronze.

To celebrate this new material, we’ve already taken our time to 3D print some nice designs by different designers for you. Below you can have a look at what bronze 3D printing looks like.

The Love Bone in Bronze by Studio Mango

A closer look at the Love Bone

Okay great… so what about the print size? Well for now we are offering the ability to 3D print in bronze on a 5 x 5 x 5 cm bounding box. This will eventually change, but as we consider this a trial phase we want to start off small and work our way up as time goes by.

Tiki Chess Queen: Made in Tinkercad by Whystler & 3D printed in bronze

Just an amazing chess piece that looks and feels awesome

As for the pricing… well considering we’re trialing it and we’re still working on that. We can confirm that it’s a little above the price range of a stainless steel model but to get exact numbers, just mail your design to contact (@) i.materialise.com . We’ll then have a look at your model, asses the price and get back to you as soon as possible.

Broer & Zus by Dutch artist Jennifer Hoes

So there you have it ladies and gents… 3D printing in bronze is now available at i.materialise. Just remember that this new material is currently still in trial period and that we’ll improve things as time passes. The manufacturing method is pretty much identical to that of stainless steel 3D printing (see video) and also note that all above models are polished bronze. We do however offer the possibility to deliver unpolished models as well if you’d prefer that.

All the above models can also be admired and the Love Bone can even be bought at our gallery.