ATTENTION: ATM skimming device

There is no doubt that 3D printing is a versatile tool for materializing your 3D ideas. Unfortunately, those who wish to break the law can also try to use our technology. We recently received an order which bore a strong resemblance to an ATM skimming device. Basically, the customer placed a 3D print order for a device which is inserted in an ATM machine.

The plastic part can be attached to an ATM machine and with the appropriate hardware and tapped keyboard can scan cards and get personal data. In most cases, such a device does not prevent the cardholder from withdrawing funds from their account, but as their card has been scanned, it can later be reproduced and funds can be stolen from their account.

Fortunately, our engineers were quick to react, and after communication with the customer, the decision was made to decline the order. We do not support criminal activity and will do everything in our power to prevent possible crimes.
The 3D model of the device was very well designed, and we would like to urge everyone to be aware and take extreme caution when dealing with ATM machines. Should your credit/debit card be compromised, immediately contact the authorities as well as your local bank.

Rest assured i.materialise as part of Materialise Group will never support and/or produce questionable devices that may cause illegal activities. We are sharing this information in an effort to inform as well as prevent a potential crime.

  • legally blonde

    Amazing, totally awesome. I am just getting into writing articles myself, nothing remotely close to your writing potential (ha!) but I””d love for you to take my stuff someday!

  • Kasha

    Wow thanks for the article! I came here because I saw your comment over at Krebs on Security blog. Good thing your company is smart! Now I am getting an idea how these criminals are getting the parts to do their crimes!

  • Paul Dutch

    Any chance of posting the STL file for download..
    I am just wanting to… uhmm.. research the part..

    Na kidding..
    Well done in recognising the part and declining to make it!
    I am sure the guy/girl is now saving up for an Ultimaker so that they can print it out themselves!

  • Joris Peels

    @Kasha & @Paul Dutch,

    Yes, but now we””re in a position to know that this can happen and look out for it. But, what if indeed the criminals do buy an Ultimaker? Or criminals start sharing files worldwide? This has implications that we must consider at one point.

  • Internet

    @Joris Peels: “But, what if indeed the criminals … start sharing files worldwide?”

    You””re new to this Internet thing, aren””t you. 😉

    I would have sent them a 3D mold of a middle finger, and perhaps arranged for a nice law enforcement official/FBI agent/etc to deliver it personally.

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  • Glenn Slingsby

    And how long will it be before 3D printers can use multiple materials and are of sufficient capability to allow a user to manufacture their own handgun…?? (it could probably be done now if someone wants to put the parts together). I””m afraid the dark side of 3D printing has to be thought out along with the tree-hugging, good-for-the-earth aspects…

  • Joris Peels


    I””m pretty sure that you can manufacture a simple gun and a revolver right now. An automatic handgun or rifle should also be possible as long as not all the parts have to be 3D printed.

    Yes, but think of how wonderful biodegradable bullets will be for Mother Earth.

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  • cunt

    WTF, youre stressing over 3D printers making guns? You realize they print plastic? Youre scared of plastic guns? Dont ever step into a dollar store my friend, ull shit ur pants.

  • Glenn Slingsby

    @c**t (nice name ***hole) : I guess you have no idea what you””re talking about because 3D printing in METAL has been around a long time now. Get informed before working those fingers.

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  • George

    3D printers are super cool. They””re also one of the worst ideas ever.

    When 3D printers become a commodity item, manufactured in China for Black and Decker and available in any Lowes or Home Depot or Walmart, the planet is going to experience an onslaught of plastic waste the likes of which it has never seen before. The massive dumps of recyclable plastic floating just beneath the surface in the Pacific and Atlantic will increase tenfold. Anyone with a sense of responsibility for the future will immediately take a baseball bat to any 3D printer they encounter.

  • georgeisdumb

    To George: you stupid fucking cunt, plastics can be formulated to break down in decades instead of centuries. Go inform yourself.

  • georgeisnice

    @george: I guess they could produce3d printers with biodegradable inkt as well, if not, that wont take long..

  • jbeda

    I wonder if someone who they tried to contact “informed the authorities” on them leading to their eventual arrest?

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  • loosebit

    @Glenn, why the fear from guns? You can but them in a shop, what difference will it make if you can make them yourself?

  • manwut


    No serial number = disposable and completely untraceable. Gun control laws exist for this very reason.

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  • Wow…

    Nice article, good to see people taking some social responsibility.

    Shame about the comments, thought I was on youtube for a moment.

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  • cutlerlee

    At present ATM skimming is really a big problem ,Thanks for sharing this post. This is a very helpful and informative for everyone.

  • Rowdy

    It”s hard to believe how naive people can be, criminals do not abide by laws. They also will not “print guns” It”s more expedient to steal or buy stolen guns. Also as you can see in the video with a minimum of tools anyone can copy guns.

    anything one man has made can be copied by another

  • Paul Herrison

    Hi Alex…ATM skimming is really a big problem. People who use skimming device for ATM skimming purpose breaks the law and misuse this technology, they should be punished. Well done…Nice work. Thanks for sharing this post.

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