Immediately after posting our Creme Brulee torch video we knew we made a mistake. We wanted to show you that Ultem was a significant material because it was certified for use in commercial aircraft. We wanted to illustrate that by burning an Ultem part with a Creme Brulee torch. Several commenters and bloggers however saw the video and went, “whats the big deal here?” We realized that we probably spend a bit more time burning thermoplastics than other people. To adress the issue we went back and made another video for you. In this video you can see a direct comparison between a standard 3D printed ABS part and the Ultem part. You can see that although the Ultem part does indeed deform it does not give off significant fumes and it acts as a fire retardant. I hope that this video is clearer!

  • Mike

    I haven””t had a problem with any of my prints combusting (yet), But I suppose this material would be benefit in usage with electrical devices, were if a short were to occur, the fire dampening properties would come in handy. Perhaps even with prints used as jewelry, or anything else that you carry on you, it would not catch on fire and add insult to injury of already being in a fire.

  • Jasper

    Another step forward for Rapid Manufacturing. Not everyone needs this but it is impressive

  • Super interesting !
    Nice to find you back Joris.

    A french fan.

  • Philippe,

    Thank you for stopping by! Nice to hear from you.