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Shop » Sell your designs

Sell your designs

Want to show off your design talent and make some money at the same time? Open a shop and sell your designs! Once a month, we will pay you a fee for all your sold items. Follow only a few simple steps to make it happen.

Step 1:

Enable your vendor profile. First login to your account and get started by going to Vendor info (1) to enable your account. Fill in the email address of your PayPal account (2) and read the Terms and Conditions of the vendor account. Check the box (3) if you agree to the terms and conditions and the Apply button (4) to save.

Enable your vendor profile

Step 2:

Set up your shop items. As soon as your products are shipped, you can sell them in your shop. They will show up in your profile under shop items (1) . Click the edit button (2) to further complete the information about your design.

Set up your shop items

Step 3:

Offer your design for sale. First make sure that all your information on the ‘Shop item’ tab is fully completed (1-5). Then select the offer for sale otion (6), press the ‘Update shop item’ button (7) and jump to the ‘Pricing’ tab.

Offer your design for sale

Step 4:

Define the pricing of your shop items. Enter your designer fee either in a fixed amount or a percentage. Press ‘Update shop item prices’ and you’re all set!

Offer your design for sale

Step 5:

Keep an eye on your sales and earnings. As soon as an item is sold, it shows up in your sales. You can start promoting your models by posting links to your designer/shop page that holds your models. Once a month we will pay you through PayPal. This applies to all items that were shipped to their buyers. Your payment becomes accrued 15 days after the order has been shipped. Finally, on the 15th of the month, or the first working day after the 15th, you will be paid.