Needing a 3D scanning vendor

I would like to try scanning my item myself using an app on my iPhone, so I would be grateful for some guidance as to which such app is the best performer. But failing that, can you share some recommendations with me for proven vendors that do 3D scanning so I can get the best possible rendering of my items?


There are many different 3D scanning solutions, and it is difficult to compare them. Thus, we cannot recommend any apps, devices or services.

Following the link below you can find tutorial on how to scan real objects with Qlone application:

Where are you situated?

hi zebimedia,

We are located in Belgium:
Materialise HQ
Technologielaan 15, 3001 Leuven

you can find the HQ address on google maps here:

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Do not need to 3D scan something right now, but thanks for the information on the app for when I do!