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Sonneveld's 4-Piece Cube (all pieces)

by Pyrigan & Company

  • Sonneveld's 4-Piece Cube (all pieces)
  • Sonneveld's 4-Piece Cube (all pieces)
  • Sonneveld's 4-Piece Cube (all pieces)


This is a reproduction of Dic Sonneveld's "Four Piece Cube" puzzle. It's an elegant puzzle I've enjoyed for years and Dic has given me his permission to reproduce it.

The puzzle consists of two copies of two different pieces (for a total of four pieces, hence the name) that form a cube, 1 ½ inches on a side. Ordering this item gets you all four pieces in the color of your choice. If you want each piece to be a different color and don't want to buy four copies of the puzzle in four different colors, you can order one in white and then dye the pieces yourself with Rit fabric dye.

The parts will come inside a cage which you can easily break open with your bare hands. Because of how the parts are made, there will probably be some residual nylon dust in the nooks and crannies and in some cases the dust may cause the parts to adhere to each other. The easiest way to remove it is to hold the part under running water while you scrub the dust with a stiff brush, your fingernail, etc. 

Note that you will be getting the puzzle in an unassembled state so the challenge is to figure out how to put the pieces together. :)

Pyrigan & Company

Pyrigan & Company

For the most part, I design and make high tolerance mechanical puzzles in aluminum, brass, and steel. You can read about them on my website (https://pyrigan.com). But I also enjoy solving other people's puzzles and when I find one that I think will come out reasonably well when 3D printed, I create an .STL file and try it out. If it's a success and the designer gives me permission, I'll add the puzzle here.

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