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by Star Arena Games



Welcome to the dawn of StarArena_Toy_Systems! :)

These Miniatures made available for Early-Adopters are Compatible with all variants of StarArena_Games that stem forth from a desire to create: Comics & Cards! If you are New to the Game? Go~To: Patreon.com/StarArena for the Back-Story of the Project.

The Game-Pieces correspond with Battle-Classes in The-Card-Game and are used to move across any of the _collectively named_ StarArena_Maps! Each Battle-Class has its own Signature-Move and can be further extended upon with Coin-Ups!!

Arcade-Chess is a Game-Of-Generals, invented to teach New-Players how to 'Move over the Maps' within the StarArena_MetaVerse and get you acquainted with how to Operate the Battle-Clones in Close Quarters Combat. The working theory is: "Having practiced and getting good at this Battle-Simulation will give you Strategic-Advantage when playing Missions on Larger-Maps!"

If you are a fan of Abstract War-Games? This could very well give you hours of Table-Top~Fun and keep you entertained for Years to Come! ...Follow the #GameDev at Patreon.

If you want to play 8x8 Arcade_Chess, you will need to acquire:

  • 1x SET_01_UPPER-ECHELON + MARSHAL (Players Left-Side)
  • 1x SET_02_UPPER-ECHELON + GENERAL (Players Right-Side)
  • In any of the Colors of your Choosing  for 1 Player.
  • And as much Game-Coins for the 'Coin-Ups' as you like!!

All other Game-Pieces on offer in the Print_And_Play shop are expansions to the StarArena_Games and have Specific-Rules detailed in the Missions & Maps when they are first published. Web-Links will be provided to Game_Sets needed to play the Missions in Full-Adventure Mode.

'Para Bellum!'

Star Arena Games

Star Arena Games

PJay_BabyAngel_Frith is creating The StarArena, A Cyber-Combat Card and Boardgame, For All Rages! GoTo: Patreon.com/StarArena for the Full-Story! The Game-Miniatures are compatible with all StarArena_Game-Variants.

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