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Music chord ring

by Casey Handmer

  • Music chord ring


This ring is a map of all the major and minor chords. Each triangle of letters spells a chord. Moving from one letter to another along a hexagonal edge permutes that chord to a related chord. Single edges are half-step transitions, while double edges are whole steps. In total, there are 18 repetitions of the fundamental biperiodic structure. Biperiodic is a fancy word for "go off one side, come back on the other, like space invaders". You can traverse any set of edges to get from any chord to any other major or minor chord. This sounds complicated, but a piano or two friends and a few minutes will make it all seem clear.

The high detail structure is somewhat rough. The bore is just under 13mm long and just under 19mm in diameter. I enjoy wearing it but its bulk and tendency to catch on my pockets mean that I wear more comfortable rings most days. It also needs a shake after hand washing to clear water out of the structure.

This ring was an attempt to push the boundaries of what is possible with 3D printing. The interplay of positive and negative space, the flattened toroidal topology, and the extremely fine wires made it quite difficult to perfect. Indeed, another (nameless) 3D printing company PNGed me after I tried a similar print.

Casey Handmer

Casey Handmer

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