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Modern warwell body

by Wild Boar Models

  • Modern warwell body
  • Modern warwell body


A 00 gauge representation of the post 2003 condition British warwell wagons still used around the country for the transporting of military vehicles and equipment. These wagons were based on mid 1970's rebuilds of the WW2 wagons and used GP22.5 bogies rather than the original diamond frame bogies. These bogies along with the buffers and jacks for this kit can be ordered from http://www.wildboarmodels.co.uk. Also required to complete this kit are paints and couplings of your choice (Wheels and bearings are also required but see bogies for details). Please note this part of the kit is the basic frames of the wagon. These wagons are ideal for a first super detailing project such as fitting rivets and other finer details.

Wild Boar Models

Wild Boar Models

A selection of wagon kits for modellers of Britain's railways. Any questions or want more information on products, contact me here at http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/50852-printed-warwell-wagons/

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