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Gaia Grid Connector

by David Diamondheart

  • Gaia Grid Connector


The New Multidimensional Gaia already exits. You are moving toward it. The New Gaia Grid Connector will help you to connect to this movement. It compresses time and space accelerating your pace so you can become one with Gaia multidimensionality.  Benefits of the New Gaia Grid Connector: 

  • Multidimensional transitional portal that synchronizes the transition of Gaia and Humanity into the New Multidimensional Gaia.
  • Compresses time and space
  • Connects you to the flow (movement) of Gaia and Humanity into the New Multidimensional Gaia.
  • Accelerates your pace strengthening your unification with Gaia.
  • Assists you to shed lower dimensional thinking and life patterns that prevent you from fully entering Gaia's New Multidimensional World.

 How to Use the New Gaia Grid Connector: Position the Gaia Grid Connector within your auric field and consciously affirm all of the benefits listed above for yourself, this one-time imprinting is instant. Place the form on your altar or sacred space.

This shape is brought to you by Grandma Chandra and David Dreamwalker Diamondheart

David Diamondheart

David Diamondheart

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