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"Floating Sakura" Ring

by Eugene and Emrys

Side 1: Sakura
Side 1: Sakura


2-in-1 Ring Series by Eugene & Emrys

This "Floating Sakura" Ring features Japanese traditional pattern of ocean wave on one side, and the symbolic flower of Japan - Sakura on another side. Inspired by floating sakura flowers during Hanami season, the ring showcases 2 different designs that you can choose according to your mood.

Available in:

- 18K gold-plated brass

- High gloss sterling silver

- 14K solid yellow gold

- 14K solid white gold

- 14K solid red gold

Size: US size 7

Inner Diameter: 17.32mm

Custom sizes available upon request. Please contact us at eugene.emrys@gmail.com

Eugene and Emrys

Eugene and Emrys

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