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Senate "I do not recall" Testimony Microphone

by Micah Ganske

  • Senate
  • Senate
  • Senate


I modeled this as an accessory for my Robert Mueller sculpture, but I love the vintage retro-futurism style of these microphones so I decided it also needed to be its own sculpture. Now you can relive your favorite moments of congressional testimony at home where >insert practically any name here< said, "I do not recall", and "to the best of my recollection". Fun for the whole family!    


Pricing Breakdown for Full Transparency:

Basic printing cost*:    $402.71(natural grey)  $406.20(dyed black)

Donation to the ACLU:  $55

Tip for the artist:  $20

*You get a discount with i.Materialise based on how many you order at once, so you can save a few bucks if you want to buy a few for friends and family.  


Micah Ganske

Micah Ganske

I'm an artist and I like to make stuff that I can share through the magic of technology! Learn more at www.micahbot.com

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