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Collider-10 Unbandaged

by Pitcher Puzzles

  • Collider-10 Unbandaged
  • Collider-10 Unbandaged
  • Collider-10 Unbandaged
  • Collider-10 Unbandaged
  • Collider-10 Unbandaged



Collider-10 Unbandaged is a new version of my previous Collider-10 puzzle, but with stored cuts that allow more freedom of movement. There is still quite a bit of bandaging, but not nearly so much as with the original puzzle.

Other Items Needed:

Dye: If you want the puzzle to be black, you can dye the pieces yourself with a nylon dye such as RIT or Dylon, or you can have i.materialise dye it for you for a very small extra charge.

Stickers: Please contact me for the sticker template. If you want professionally cut stickers, I recommend Oliver’s Stickers or Chewie's Custom Stickers.

Screws: Ten 12mm M3 pan head screws are required, available in hardware stores or on the web.

Springs: Ten springs are needed, available in web puzzle shops. I get mine from HK Now Store.

Degree of Difficulty:

Assembly: Easy assembly.

Solving: Difficult to solve.


Collider-10 Unbandaged has a robust mechanism, and the puzzle turns easily.

Have fun!

Pitcher Puzzles

Pitcher Puzzles

Welcome! My goal when designing puzzles is to create geometries that are visually striking and have a complexity belied by their apparent simplicity. Many of my puzzles use odd axis systems, and exhibit strange properties such as jumbling and shape-shifting. Enjoy!

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