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Relay Cabin WAGR S Scale

by Marbelup Models

  • Relay Cabin WAGR S Scale
  • Relay Cabin WAGR S Scale
  • Relay Cabin WAGR S Scale


The prototype of this relay cabin was installed in the 1950's along the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR) South-West main line at a number of stations between Armadale and Coolup, in conjunction with the introduction of Centralised Traffic Control (CTC). The relay cabins housed signalling relays and associated equipment, as well as telemetry equipment to allow the signalling to be remotely controlled from Perth station initially (later MidSig).

The model includes an extra 5 mm deep "foundation" when can be recessed into the layout scenery to allow for slight undulations in the ground surface.

This model is not available for sale through the gallery.

Marbelup Models

Marbelup Models

Marbelup Models offers a range of models based on narrow gauge locomotives and rolling stock of the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR). The models are in Sn3½ scale which is 1:64 scale, running on 16.5 mm gauge track to correctly represent the narrow gauge look of the prototype which is 1067 mm (3ft 6in) gauge. Please note that because the Prime Gray material is quite new, the long term durability and stability of models made from it are not known. These models will not be available for sale through the i.Materialise Shop, but they are available for sale direct from Marbelup Models. Visit the Marbelup Models web site for information on price and availability.

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