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Gold Plated Hypno Owl

by Michael Mueller

  • Gold Plated Hypno Owl
  • Gold Plated Hypno Owl
  • Gold Plated Hypno Owl
  • Gold Plated Hypno Owl
  • Gold Plated Hypno Owl


With this owl pendant you can easily hypnotise people!

Get anything you want, become rich, a king, what ever.

Meanwhile, relax and concentrate on the owl picture ...

"You don't want your money back if it's not working!"

"You will buy many many Pookas stuff right now!"

Michael Mueller

Michael Mueller

The mystery pooka jewelry was designed in germany and produced via 3D printing service! The Pooka is a creature of Celtic folklore. It is one of the myriad fairy folk, and, like many fairy folk, is both respected and feared by those who believe in it. You might say Pookas do not exist and that is probably right... but the idea of an invisible friend, like a 6-foot rabbit called Harvey, is not so bad! Follow Pookas on Behance http://www.behance.net/Pookas

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