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PFA Military Container Flat wagon OO Gauge

by Wild Boar Models

  • PFA Military Container Flat wagon OO Gauge
  • PFA Military Container Flat wagon OO Gauge


A OO gauge model of the small PFA container flats used for MOD traffic on the British railway network. This model kit requires 2x Romford 10.5mm disc wheels as well as 4 x 2mm brass bearings, as well as paint, transfers and couplings. These wagons are ideal for a first super detailing project such as fitting lamp irons, air pipes and other finer details, without the added complexity of constructing the wagon body. Axles boxes require bearings to be fitted to allow the model to run smoothly. NEM coupler pockets are ready fitted to this kit. This kit has been designed to accept readily available 20ft containers such as our side loaders and those by Dapol.

Wild Boar Models

Wild Boar Models

A selection of wagon kits for modellers of Britain's railways. Any questions or want more information on products, contact me here at http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/50852-printed-warwell-wagons/

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