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Kitty Slowfood

by Monique de Wilt

  • Kitty Slowfood
  • Kitty Slowfood


One of my cats always gobbles his wet food up so fast you would think he is starving. And he actually was kind of starving because he would vomit it all out a few minutes later. So in the end he didn't get much in at all. We tried different "intelligence" toys to slow down his eating but they were not really suited for wet food. So I made this lid that I put on their normal cat bowl. Now they have to get the food out with their paws and they eat much slower. It keeps them busy too. They make a bit more mess but i didn't have to clean up any vomit anymore so I am all satisfied!

Monique de Wilt

Monique de Wilt

I am Monique de Wilt, a product designer that loves to make your life easier

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