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F/B 3D-Reproduction

F/B 3D-Reproduction

F/B 3D-Reproduction

F/B 3D-Reproduction

Restore, replace and modify your vintage car parts with 3D printing technologies ! It all starts in 2015. I'm dismantling a part on an 81 Porsche 911, when the old plastic breaks, the cabin temperature sensor stays in my hands! While looking for the spare part on the web, I realize that it is no longer available and that the parts are not sold at retail. So I modeled the part in 3D and started testing the 3D printing sites to replace it. Today, in 2018, the technology and materials available will bring us closer to original parts. Since then, I have modelled other pieces to enlarge the catalogue. Of course, all parts are modeled from original parts to ensure equivalent dimensions