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Kurt Plagge

Ames, Iowa
Kurt Plagge

I am an artist with a background in technology, architecture, graphic design and web development. In the past, I created complex, articulated objects using "traditional" materials such as illustration board, sheet plastic, floor tile and automotive gasket material, utilizing razor cutters and adhesives. Since 2012 I have worked with 3-D printing and moved to creating complex, articulated objects with SketchUp and printing them in polyamide and alumide. I am currently working with 50mm cubes and experimenting with various techniques to provide for moving parts while minimizing the post-printing cleanup and fine-tuning. The things I create serve no useful purpose, other than to provide me with a pastime and a way to exercise my creativity. Plus I think they're kind of cool. There may be other people who think so too, so I'll put some of them here for sale.