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B_Dodi design

B_Dodi design

London UK
B_Dodi design

B_Dodi design is a UK based leather and jewelry designer who specializes in 3D printing, a fashion accessories line with a unisex and fetish feel. Her Designs have a luxurious boudoir edge in a subtle, eclectic and innovative way with the use of special techniques such as 3D printing. Bespoke products range from carefully selected materials and are tailor-made such as bespoke ear cuffs, necklaces, pendents, harnesses, collars. They are created from a range of other special manufactured materials. Clients chose from a variety of metals, stones, diamonds, chains, leathers. B_Dodi collections are inspired by tribal and dark aesthetics, creating and developing UNIQUELY hand-crafted and digitally manufactured designs. Each piece bonding a unique unisex appeal. All pieces are of bespoke quality and crafted individually in B Dodi atelier in East London.