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3D Modeled by Frederik Bussels for Katrien Herdewyn
If you don’t know how to design something in 3D, you can simply hire a designer to do the 3D modeling for you. The image above shows how former shoe design student Katrien Herdewyn (Elegnano) hired 3D designer Frederik Bussels (Pixel Depot) to turn her sketches into 3D printable models.
Because not everyone has the set of skills to design something in 3D, we created a list of qualified designers available to help you out. Select your preferences below, search, and find the perfect 3D designer for your project.
Note that i.materialise is not liable for any transactions taking place between users. Therefore we don’t have a rating system for listed designers. In case of complaints, a designer will be removed from the list.

Are you looking for a designer with a specific expertise? Please specify the design area for your project.

Are you more comfortable communicating with a designer on your own language? Please specify your preferred language from one of the available languages below.

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