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Drastically improve your 3D printing designs in minutes with the flexible and easy-to-use Magics Essentials. Import nearly all file formats and stay in control of native color information and textures. With the editing tools you can add logos, hollow your model, smooth your mesh, and more. Enhance your design to decrease material usage, and improve printing times. Repair the most challenging design errors automatically with industry-leading technology. Is your design too large to print in one go? Cut large parts into easy-to-assemble pieces.

30-day free trial, 129€/month (yearly subscription), 159€/month (monthly subscription)
Exported File Formats for 3D Printing
.3D PDF, .3MF, .AMF, .DXF, .OBJ, .PLY, .STL, .VRML, .WRL , .X3D, .ZCP, .ZPR
Magics Essentials – Interface