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Customizable Products

If you don’t choose to design something from scratch, you can still leave your stamp on the things you buy.
Take a look at some of wonderful companies we work with to offer a great range of unique, customizable products.

Personalized jewelry by Jweel

Jweel lets you easily design unique pieces of jewelry, sell them, view them in 3D and have them crafted just for you. The apps let you create unique pieces of jewelry directly in your web browser.
No download required.


Text Ring by Jweel
Twikik, Tweak it, Make it! 3D Customization

Customize and make unique 3D printed products:
From trophies, nightlamps, totems and cufflinks to custom necklaces.

Create your own 3D Printed Ceramic Cup
Digital Forming

Personalise, visualize and print your own unique twist on designs created by leading 3D designers.

CUSTOMIZE NOW 3D Printed Espresso Cup by Digital Forming

Toyze is a fun, easy and quick way to make your personalized
unique 3D game character from your favorite game.

Bring Your Favorite Game Characters to Life as Customized Toys

Uformit - The online marketplace for personalized design

What if you could even make a design as unique as yourself, by combining it with your biometric data? It’s now possible on uformit, a 3D design app that takes you to a new era of design and technology.

Custom Celtic jewelry by Sertae

Sertae lets you turn beautifully intertwined Celtic knots into a one-of-a-kind pendants.
They represent eternity, love, unity, harmony and the timeless nature of our spirit.

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