Business Models

The optimized way to connect to i.materialise depends on your business model. i.materialise has over 10 interfaces (APIs) in place, and some of those might be more useful for your business than others.

In fact there are two main types of cooperation with i.materialise:

  • Referral:

    Your app/site captures a model, afterwards your customer is redirected to the i.materialise website where they will proceed with the order. i.materialise then pays you a remuneration for each order you bring us. The primary API to use in this model is the ‘3D print lab connection’ API. This model requires minimal development work.


    Example: See how Tinkercad integrates 3D printing with i.materialise through our API.»

  • White Label:

    Your customer stays on your app/site to place and pay for an order while in the background you forward the order to i.materialise. You take care of first-line support while we print (and ship) on your behalf. You pay i.materialise for each order while keeping the markup. The primary APIs to use in this model are the ‘cart ordering’ APIs. They give you more control over the order in comparison to the referral business model. Special logistics arrangements like assembly, packaging or custom delivery notes can be discussed.


    Example: See how Twikit integrates 3D printing with i.materialise through our API.»