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Learning about our materials is one thing, seeing and touching them another. That's why we've designed a sample kit based on our Periodic Table of Materials.

Plastics, Multicolor and Flexible Materials

Basic Sample Kit Basic Sample Kit Various $ 41.50
Polyamide Dyed Sample Kit Dyed Samples Polyamide $ 16.50
Polyamide Dyed and Polished Sample Kit Dyed & Polished Samples Polyamide $ 16.50
Alumide Sample Kit Dyed Samples Alumide $ 16.50
Multicolor Sample Kit All Samples Multicolor $ 10.00
Rubber-like – Natural and Dyed Black Sample Kit Natural and Dyed Black Rubber-like $ 9.00

Basic Sample Kit:

  • Includes a sample of Polyamide, Alumide, Multicolor, High Detail Resin, Paintable Resin, Transparent Resin, Prime Gray and ABS.
  • Also, includes a voucher worth 25 EUR (excl. VAT) / USD 32 for a future order through the 3D print lab


  • The Dyed Polyamide Sample Kit includes an undyed, natural white sample of Polyamide.
  • The Dyed & Polished Polyamide Sample Kit includes an undyed, polished, natural white sample of Polyamide.
  • Both sample kits include a blue, red, black, green, orange, purple and yellow dyed sample.


  • Includes a matt aluminum Alumide sample and an Asphalt Black, Brick Red, Rusty Orange, Sparkly Blue and Moss Green dyed sample.


  •  Includes matt and gloss Multicolor and Monochrome samples.


  • Currently not available in the United States.


High Detail Stainless Steel – Matt Sample Kit Matt High Detail Stainless Steel $ 12.00
High Detail Stainless Steel – Satin Sample Kit Satin High Detail Stainless Steel $ 13.00
High Detail Stainless Steel – Gloss Sample Kit Gloss High Detail Stainless Steel $ 15.00
Copper – Polished Uncoated Sample Kit Polished Uncoated Copper $ 20.00
Brass – Yellow Gold-Plated Polished Sample Kit Yellow Gold-Plated Polished Brass $ 27.50
Brass – Natural PU Coated Sample Kit Natural PU Coated Brass $ 27.50
Brass – Red Gold-Plated Polished Sample Kit Red Gold-Plated Polished Brass $ 29.00
Brass – Black Color-Plated Polished Sample Kit Black Color-Plated Polished Brass $ 30.00
Brass – Chrome Plated Polished Sample Kit Chrome Plated Polished Brass $ 30.00
Bronze – Natural Uncoated Sample Kit Natural Uncoated Bronze $ 25.20
Bronze – Natural PU Coated Sample Kit Natural PU Coated Bronze $ 25.20
Bronze – Polished PU Coated Sample Kit Polished PU Coated Bronze $ 25.20
Natural Unpolished Steel Sample Kit Natural Unpolished Steel $ 11.00
Natural Polished Steel Sample Kit Natural Polished Steel $ 11.00
Unpolished Black Steel Sample Kit Unpolished Black Steel $ 16.50
Polished Black Steel Sample Kit Polished Black Steel $ 11.00
Unpolished Gold-Plated Steel Sample Kit Unpolished Gold-Plated Steel $ 16.50
Polished Gold-Plated Steel Sample Kit Polished Gold-Plated Steel $ 16.50
Polished Brown Sample Kit Polished Brown Steel $ 11.00
Steel Sample Kit All Samples Steel $ 93.50
Titanium Unpolished Sample Kit Unpolished Titanium $ 96.50
Aluminum – Natural Gray Sample Kit Natural Gray Aluminum $ 28.50


Ceramics - Gloss White Sample Kit Gloss White Ceramics $ 13.50
Ceramics - Gloss Black Sample Kit Gloss Black Ceramics $ 13.50
Ceramics – Apple Green Sample Kit Apple Green Ceramics $ 13.50
Ceramics – Safety Orange Sample Kit Safety Orange Ceramics $ 13.50
Ceramics – Banana Yellow Sample Kit Banana Yellow Ceramics $ 13.50
Ceramics – Denim Blue Sample Kit Denim Blue Ceramics $ 13.50
Ceramics – Tomato Red Sample Kit Tomato Red Ceramics $ 13.50
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