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The i.materialise online 3D printing platform is powered by Materialise software. For more than 25 years Materialise has been building the tools and solutions it needs to run its own 3D printing operations.
Worldwide, people are discovering the wonder of 3D printing, as well as the unique challenges and needs that come with the territory. To help these people get the most out of 3D printing, the i.materialise online platform offers an entire range of solutions and services that go beyond just the 3D printing of designs. Designers, students, inventors and everyday consumers who want to create something unique can utilize the online service to produce their own products and, if they desire, share their products with and even offer them for sale to others through the platform.

This in-house expertise is one of the reason why Materialise is today the trusted software partner for hundreds of companies within the Additive Manufacturing industry. Whether you need a fully-functional 3D printing platform or are looking for specific software applications, Materialise can be your partner in business.

i.materialise is part of the Materialise group (Nasdaq: MTLS), which since its start in 1990 has been the preferred partner for many companies. Find out more about Materialise software solutions and how it can help your 3D printing business.