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i.materialise has developed several APIs that allow applications/websites to connect to our servers. The currently available APIs have been developed to help businesses customize their ordering process and allow applications to upload 3D model files directly to our server for 3D printing.

Possible business models

Depending on your preferred business model, i.materialise offers a choice of APIs appropriate for you. The range of possible business models extends between the following two options:

  • the redirecting business model: your app/site uploads the model to the 3D printlab and your customer is redirected to the i.materialise website where they will proceed with the order. The primary API to use in this model is the ‘3D printlab connection’ API. This model requires minimal development work.
  • white label business model: your app/site uploads the order directly to our server. Your customer stays on your site to place the order. You take care of first-line support for your customers if needed. The primary APIs to use in this model are the ‘cart item’, ‘cart’ and ‘cart ordering’ APIs. They give you more control over the order but require more integration development work.

Getting access

Most APIs require an API Code and a tool ID.

The API Code and tool ID are provided by i.materialise after verifying your business needs.

The API Code and tool ID need to be coupled to a registered i.materialise account.

Please send an email to developers(at)i.materialise.com for requesting these codes.

Sandbox server

i.materialise provides a sandbox server to try out your code. The sandbox site is an isolated server that is not hooked up to any real payment system or production environment, allowing you to play around with it without getting billed.

After receiving a separate Code and an ID for the sandbox environment, you can test your integration before a code for the live site is given.

The sandbox environment is not to be used for performance testing. The live server is more powerful than the machine on which the virtual server runs that hosts the sandbox.

The address of the sandbox server is: http://imatsandbox.materialise.net

If you would be using the sandbox server, please mind that you need to replace all the links in the documentation with the correct sandbox link.

e.g. https://i.materialise.com/web-api/cart/post becomes https://imatsandbox.materialise.net/web-api/cart/post

Short description of the available APIs

  1. The material catalogue API (online): Get all API information about the available material and finishes.
  2. The direct pricing APIs (online): Get prices without uploading the files to us. We provide two API to get a price of the model. The first API allows you to retrieve a price of the model by model x/y/z volume and surface details. The second API allows you to reuse already uploaded models to get a price.
  3. The upload model API (online): allows to get model dimensions which can be used to get price of the model with Direct Pricing API.
  4. The 3D printlab connection API (online): If you just want to upload a model and leave the choices up to your customer. The request is posted to us together with the file and a URL to the i.materialise 3D printlab is returned. This URL shows your customers the uploaded model in the 3D printlab where they can select from the 3D print materials you allow and see instantaneous prices. Examples: 3DTin, Tinkercad, 123dapp
  5. The cart item/cart registration API (online): Create cart items from files, set your price and put items in a cart. Redirect customers to our cart or shipping page or use the Cart ordering API to prevent redirection and keep the transaction on your site. Example: Twikit
  6. The cart ordering API (online): Directly put the models in the cart into production without redirecting customers to us. You handle the customer payment and a final invoice will be sent from us.
  7. The Order follow up API: Follow up on all your uploads and orders that are linked to the ToolIDs you own.
  8. Reporting API for uploaded models: allows to retrieve statistics of uploaded with your tool ID models.
  9. Change management APIs (online and continuously in development): Make new cart items from previously uploaded models, cancel orders, check earnings, retrieve invoices/delivery notes, upload invoices/delivery notes, among other features.
  10. Gallery APIs (to be developed): Show gallery items on your website or set up and embed a gallery or a selection of items.

i.materialise APIs overview

Materials catalog API

Retrieve the up to date list of materials and their properties by sending a request to the url below. As response, you will be able to download a structured file with the available materials. You are free to use that info on your own site.

The API is public, you just need to specify your registered email address at the end of the request: http://i.materialise.com/web-api/materials?user=<your registered email address here>

No documentation is available for this API.

3D printlab Connection API

This API allows to upload a 3D design file to the i.materialise server and returns a link to the 3D printlab to which your application can redirect your customers to.

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Direct pricing API

Retrieve the price of a specific model in a specific material without uploading the model to us. You can get a price of the models by X, Y, Z volume and surface details. And also you can get a price for models which you have already uploaded or ordered by IDs of your models. Links to test pages:

Use your personal API Code. This Code grants you access to use the API.

Please do not perform stress tests on this API without approval since it is currently in beta.

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Upload model API

Retrieve your model dimensions by uploading model to API.

Use your tool ID to use this API.

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Cart item registration API

Create cart items from files, set your price.

Use your tool ID and your personal API Code.

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Cart registration API

Put your items in a cart, forward customers to our cart or shipping page, or use the cart for direct ordering.

Use your tool ID and your personal API Code.

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Cart ordering API

Convert your cart into an order.

Use your personal API Code.

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Order status API

The Order status APIs allow retrieving information about the orders placed at i.materialise

Use your personal API Code.

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Order cancellation API

Cancel your order yourself as long as we haven’t started processing it.

As soon as the order has been assigned to a support engineer, cancellation is no longer possible and you will need to contact i.materialise by email.

Use your personal API Code.

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Upload summary tool API

Retrieve a summary of all the uploaded models within a certain date range and check how many were uploaded in total, were used in an order (even a cancelled order), or were simply uploaded.

Use your tool ID (optional) and your personal API Code.

No documentation is available for this API.

Reporting API for uploaded models

Retrieve a list of all uploaded models within a certain date range and check their status: uploaded, ordered, or cancelled. . It is also possible to retrieve a summary per status of the model.

Use your tool ID (optional) and your personal API Code.

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With Tinkercad you can design 3D printable, delightful little things. You don’t need any previous design expertise. Just open the browser and start creating!

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3DTin simply runs in the browser, is free to use and requires no experience in 3D design. All you need is the will and imagination to explore the 3D world.

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