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Welcome to the i.materialise community forum. Every day we see the potential of 3D printing grow a little more, and we owe this in part to the limitless creativity of our customers. Over the years we’ve come to know and meet so many of you and we’d love to know more about you. Say hi below and if you don’t know where to start, we already listed some questions for your convenience.

  • Who are you?

  • Where are you from?

  • What’s your day job?

  • Which 3D modeling software do you use?

  • What brings you to i.materialise?

  • Have you already 3D printed something before?

  • What kind of products do you make?

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Hi I’m James and I come from Spain.

I’m an architect and am interested in 3d printing both for my job and for personal projects. I’m trying to get more digital tools involved in the daily workflow of my office and I think 3d printing is one really convenient tool to include.

I’m keen on discovering the possibilities of 3d printing for scale model making as well as for full size products like furniture and jewellery.

As of now, I have little to no experience in 3d printing myself but I’ve seen many colleagues working with 3d printed designs and it is my biggest source of inspiration to work with this technique. I will first try to make smaller products like furniture scale models and jewellery and then I’d be keen on moving onto larger and more complex models for buildings or wherever my interests take me.

Happy to hear from others also!

Welcome to i.materialise, James !
Browse the material pages https://i.materialise.com/3d-printing-materials for more info and design guides where needed.


Hi everyone!

I’m Peter from Bulgaria.

Though I selected “Jewel Designer” for describing myself in my i.materialise account, actually I’m 3 in one and the other two are 3D artist and 3D modelar. My interest in 3D printing is dictated by my love for fractals. I’ve been dealing with them since 1985. Now printing technologies allow incarnating the beauty of the most complex math object into Wall Art, Souvenirs, Jewel Designs and even in Pastry. This is what drives me now in my work. I basically use Blender and some fractal scripts for my creations.

As to i.materialise it attracted me with the attitude to the art and the beauty created by 3D printing. I haven’t printed so far and the main reason for this lies in… fractals: their structure and shapes are very complex and detailed, which makes them impossible or very hard for materializing. The good thing is that technologies advance very fast and 3D fractal models become realizable. I hope I will meet the right people who will estimate the opportunities and will get interested in their realization.

So once again: Hello to all of you! :slight_smile:

Hi Peter,

Welcome to i.materialise! Can’t wait to see how you will combine your love for fractals with 3D printing. Sounds like a perfect match!


hello I’m Peter nice to meet you all!

i’m still skimming the topic…

I am Ton Pel. I live in the Netherlands.
After studying physics in Delft I worked in a computer design and development company, and a large bank.
The passed twenty years I worked as management consultant in a global consultancy firm.
I use Autocad 123D Design to model and print musical wind instruments.
My first printed wind instrument was a renaissance racket.
Examples of this instrument can be found on YouTube.

After all this time it still surprises me what everyone is using 3D printing for. Just searched for it on YouTube and bumped into some people playing the Game of Thrones theme with it. Brilliant! Looking forward to seeing one of your prints.

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Hi, I’m Agata from Poland. My day job is computer systems customer support for a big company. I’m a trained psychologist. I use SketchUp. I need several of files I’ve designed printed to try them out and then create silicone molds to duplicate them. I’ve already designed distaff and spindle prototypes before which have been 3D-printed and then recreated in wood or cast in bronze afterwards. What I design are wool and other fibers hobby processing tools.

Hello everyone,
I’am Bruno from France and I just discovered i.materialise
My old hooby was to create molds and casts.
You can take a look on my old hobby here:

Today with 3D printers and a large choice of 3D software I realise that is more easy to create something an share it.
You can find something about me here:

What brings you to i.materialyse ?
I have time to modelise but nothing to modelize and I can give my time to create something (excepted figurin and animals)

And also I need to improve my English.

I am Amir
My nationality is Italian, but I am resident in Armenia and, of course, I also have a relative command of Persian because I have to travel a lot to Iran for my work.
I’m about two years old in the 3D printer area.
As I was active in mechanical engineering, I entered the 3D printer area and I am very happy about it.
Every day that goes on, I become more familiar with the merits of these printers and the service they bring to humanity.
I totally accidentally met by a friend of the i.Materialis and I want to share my experiences with you.
I am very happy to be among you

Hi James,

My names Stephen

I’m from the UK

My day job is design and I love to create anything out of clay!
I’m currently developing a range of homeware items around the theme of meditation in the home and work.

I use Google sketch up for creating models and I’m very interested in 3D printing for die-casting. I turn clay on the wheel but also getting into slip casting.

I’ve never 3D printed anything before

I’m interested in products that enable a feeling of calm and meditation. My tableware products will be smooth simple designs.

Nice to meet you James

Look forward to working i.materialise in the future.

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Hi, I am a teacher and looking for resources to implement with my art + science of materials class. We want students to design and 3d print pendant lamp shades. I found a post on your blog but the link that is supposed to lead to instructions is leading to a missing page. Is this resource available somewhere else?

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for your interest in i.materialise. Unfortunately, we don’t offer those resources anymore as the lamp series was discontinued. However, you can always take a look at our tutorials page to see if there are any other designs which might be interesting for your class: https://i.materialise.com/en/tutorials
Kind regards,

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Hi I’m Matthew Stern and I come from the USA. Currently working with an eyewear company located in California. Not currently using any 3D modeling software, but looking to connect with someone who is experienced to bring my creations to life.

Hey all! I’m Marco Villasuso, from the USA.

I don’t currently have a day job. Just a software engineer and software security engineer. (I do commissions and small projects, I wouldn’t call it a very “stable” income)

I use Blender to model my stuff. I’ve been using it ever since I started programming C++.

I’ve come to 3d printing because I see the possibilities it has to offer. Normal manufacturing is a lot of hard labor, and requires a ton of precision for the smaller details. 3D printers can get all of those nearly perfectly, and do it all in an expedient way.
While never have 3d printed myself, i’d like to get into it for some projects.

I don’t make any products in particular right now, but i’m looking to get into rocket engines. With good enough modeling, you can manage to 3D print a rocket engine. While it might not produce a ton of thrust compared to the human/machine labor manufacturing of engines, putting multiple together can give you quite a nice boom.

Hello everyone! We’re Jawstec from Idaho, USA. We also have an “Oscar” on our team!

We recently acquired a HP 4200 Multi Jet Fusion and have expanded our capabilities which has been fun.

We’re currently having some fun testing it’s power by printing some smaller items, some of which are just for fun. For example, we’re now making some D&D miniatures for all of the board game geeks out there: https://jawstec.com/product-category/pre-printed-files/3d-printed-figurines/dnd-miniatures/

We look forward to meeting some more people & companies in the space. :slightly_smiling_face: