Waterproof materials


Does SLS, MJF, Alumide, polypropylene or standard resine resist to a long moment in a wet environement? Also, do they resist to disinfection with ethanol ?
Thank you for your answer !

Hello Tiziana,

Our powder based materials (SLS, MJF, Alumide, polypropylene) would not withstand long interaction with liquids and the structure of material will deteriorate over time. Talking about resins that are produced utilizing a different printing technology, they work better with liquids however still can’t be considered liquid-tight/proof.

If you plan to disinfect the printed models it will not be an issue. Its just a quick interaction with the substance and won’t affect the integrity of the object.

Please have a look at the waterproof polyamide we offer here. This is a special sealant for PA prints that penetrates into the surface of the model encapsulating it thus making it waterproof.

i.Materialise Customer Support