Prototype wanted

I have a product that I would like 3d printed.

We do not know where to start and what materials we can use, but we are looking to have a prototype made as soon as possible.

Would need help designing our idea to create the final prototype.
May need to create several iterations to find our ideal version

Dear John,

You can use our i.materialise 3D printing service to print your model. To get an instant price quote, you can simply upload your model to our website, then select necessary material, finishing and quantity:

At the same time, we do not offer designing services. You can find a list of 3D designers, their hourly fees, and their work on our 3D modeling platform: There, you can get in touch with a professional 3D modeler, show them your sketches or ideas, and ask them to create a 3D model just for you.

Here you can find the list of all 3D printing materials that we offer:

You can check each properties and design requirements for each material.

Lead time depends on material, finishing and complexity of your order. On average, most orders are shipped within 10 business days. You can find more information following the link: