Polyamide (SLS) - Smooth Prototype


I have printed some prototypes in Polyamide (SLS). I am going to attempt to create a silicone mold and then cast the part in a Alumilite Water Clear resin.

Based on my research the surface of the prototype directly affects the clarity/smoothness of the cast.

Can you recommend a material I could print in that would help achieve an extremely smooth print?



It depends on the type of mold you want to make. Because of heat-sensitivity, our resins are not suited to make molds. A common approach is to use 3D printing to create a master first and turn that into a mold .

You can check examples of our customers using a different materials as a mold.
High-detail resin: https://i.materialise.com/blog/en/how-the-tripods-came-alive/
Polyamide (SLS): https://i.materialise.com/blog/tired-of-boring-birth-cards-use-3d-printing

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