Polyamide SLS | powdery surface

Hi all,

I got a couple parts made out of polyamide SLS. I have noticed that the surface is easily scratched off, releasing material in its powder form.
Dying does not seem to help in this case. What about polishing it? The rough surface is not an issue per se, I just want to prevent powdery fallout.

Alternately, could you recommend a similar material that does not have this issue?

Many thanks

Hello David,

Could you please send your request using contact us form: https://i.materialise.com/en/contact

We will be able to advise more after taking a look at your order details. Please attach photos of parts if possible.

Polished models undergo mechanical smoothing. Your model is put into a tumbler with pebbles that smooth your model while the tumbler vibrates at a high frequency. So, this process will only affect the surface.

Polyamide (MJF) models will have a higher density and lower porosity than models produced with Selective Laser Sintering.