One tooth gearbox concept

Hi I am trying to do a one tooth gear concept

The first part is to make a ring and two gears

Like this

Google Photos

Then to put as many jagged teeth or straight lines on top the the ring gear

Google Photos

The jagged teeth push the one tooth and the middle teeth knock it down

Here is what the one tooth looks like

Google Photos

The reason for the arch is so the top gear can knock it down and the bottom gear can push it back to up

If anyone can help me make this or help me explain it better I would appreciate it.

I’ve been asking for 2 weeks and no one has understood me

Please help


Thanks for your interesting question! As much as wanted to help here, unfortunately it is hard to judge what approaches to use or how to design the model correctly in order for it to be feasible for 3D printing.

We don’t have staff designers here at i.Materialise, therefore the only advise would be to get in touch with one registered with our service:

The only thing we can advise in relation to our service that this part would be feasible for production in Polyamide SLS/MJF, Polypropylenne or Alumide aka powder-based 3D printing.