Offering of casted metals suspended

Due to the current circumstances, COVID-19 lockdowns that are still in place in some countries and despite the effort of making it work,
we have been forced to suspend our offering of precious metals :

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper

We will evaluate the situation again on May 31st.

We understand that it might cause inconveniences, for which we sincerely apologize. Once there is more clarity about the situation, we’ll be sure to inform you immediately, also by posting an update on this topic.
For those who have placed recent orders, we will be sending more detailed updates about the next steps.
We highly appreciate your patience.

Hi, Wim will the email regarding current orders be sent out soon I just need to know if you are going to be able to fulfill my orders I have with you. Thanks Melissa

Hi Melissa,

yes, we are evaluating still the situation on a daily basis.
We expect to have more news next week.
The production processes the orders on first-in - first-out method.
The challenge is getting an estimation of the shipment date with a reduced production team that has to produce under severe restrictions.


Hello there,

Any news about returning to normallity for cast metals?


Hi Ramosnikolaos,

you can expect an update tomorrow, 28 May.



Hope for good news!

GS Team

The good news is that there is a big chance that the materials bronze, brass and copper will be offered again on Monday June 1st.

Production restarted at reduced speed, processing the orders on the first-placed, first-out basis.
The new orders will have a longer than usual lead time because of the limited production capacity.

The uncertainty of the re-offering lies in the export of the finished products, where we are waiting for the guarantees of the shipper.

For silver and gold, the story is different.
Silver and gold parts require clearance by customs, which they currently are not allowed to do.
Therefor we will not add silver and gold to the offer until it is allowed and customs starts clearing gold and silver again. This is not likely to happen next week.

As soon as there is more news, I will add it to this thread.

Kind Regards,

That are quite good news.

I believe that with Brass you are refering also to gold plated (over brass) right?

And what about the lead times? how much will be extened from the usual?

Suppose that from Monday I place an order in 18K Gold Plated. Can I know roughly how many days will be needed to have it ready and shipped out from you?

Thank you.