Model disappears when purchased from a shared link

Recently I sent a link to a customer to purchase a model that I don’t have in my shop yet.
I noticed after they had purchased that the model had disappeared from my uploaded models list.

At first I thought this might be a normal function so it could only be printed once, but I noticed later that the link still works even though the model no longer exists in my account. This means that my design now still exists in some hidden database that I no longer have access to or control over. Is this a bug or is it intentional? Do the links expire after a certain amount of time or do they live forever?

As the copyright owner of the design I should have the right to control the future availability of my designs whether they are shared or not. Removing this control violates my rights as the copyright holder.

If I decide I don’t want an object to be available for printing anymore I should be able to delete that design and any link to that design should no longer function. This is how it works with other print services.


Could you please contact us through the Help Center (
We need you to provide us with more information such as the name of the model etc.

This will help us to investigate the issue and help you to solve this out.
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,

Still no answer on this issue. Any ideas yet?
I contacted support about it back in September and got this reply…

This is strange indeed.
We will check what happened with your model and get back to you with the updates.

Kind regards,
Anna Vasylkivska
Customer Support Officer

By the way, the link is still working today even though the model was deleted from my account months ago. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
I sent the link with questions via the contact email on 9/10/2019. I have yet to receive a reply.


Apologies for the missing reply and the inconvenience caused. Could you please resend the email again/reply to the initial question?