Mobius strip bracelet

I’m interested in creating a bracelet, with a two word inscription, in the shape of a mobius strip. It will be used to symbolize a concept for a non-profit group. I’m thinking of something similar in size and shape to the common silicone wristbands one sees everywhere. However, silicone wristbands are apparently not a solution as they cannot be made in the shape of a mobius strip. The area of 3d printing is all new to me, and I don’t know if it will work. I need to find a designer. I need to work out what materials are available, their different properties and the different costs per item depending on what material I use (for quantities of about 1000). Whatever I create, it has to be available at the lowest possible cost. I’m not creating “jewelry” as such. $25 per item, for example, would be way too much. Certainly, metal bracelets are common. I also want to consider plastics and materials which have a bit more flexibility. I suppose I need to connect up with someone who is knowledgeable. Appreciate any recommendations. I’m in the Los Angeles area.


There is an option on the web site to Hire a designer who can do 3D modelling for you.
Please follow the link below: and find the perfect 3D designer for your project.

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