[Looking for designer] Affordable H0 scale passenger cars


I am looking for someone who is able and willing to design some 1/87 scale railroad passenger car kits, while trying to keep costs low. There are 13 coaches in total, but I’m starting small, starting with three. Thankfully, there’s a bit of commonality between all 13 of them. The bogies are visually almost identical for all of them, the main difference being whether or not they have magnetic brakes.
Some coaches share the same carbody shape, and the three I thought I’d start with are almost identical externally. In fact, two of them are identical as far as I can see. The third has two slight differences in its design. Two of them also have nearly identical interiors, the difference being one lavatory. The sideskirts of all three are however, you guessed it, identical. They also share the same bogies.

I have basic blueprints of all 13 cars. While they unfortunately only show one side of the coaches, they do show the interior layout, carbody ends, and bogies. But don’t worry, I know where reference pictures can be found, so both sides can be seen. In most cases.

How would I like this “kit” to be split? Preferably I’d like too see the body, underframe (with buffers) , windows, and interiors as separate parts. As well as the bogies, obviously. The gangways/diaphragms and footplates can be ignored in favour of Roco parts, provided there are slots for them. Assembly with clips is preferable, if possible, in case I want to install lighting or passengers in the future. Sort of how Roco or Tillig assemble their models.

Materials? Well… Plastic. I’m not really familiar with what’s offered here, but I’d like something that’s easy to paint with a spray can, and requires as little preparation as possible.

Previous experience with model trains is a massive plus, but not a requirement.


There is an option on our web site as “Hire a designer”
This might be interesting for you as you can find there a person who can do 3D modeling for you.
Please find more information following the link:

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we would be happy to help you!

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Thank you for the tip, Anna. The reason I posted here was so more designers could see it and possibly offer their services if they were interested. But I’ve looked through the list and found one designer with previous experience in the field, and who’s portfolio actually worked. Currently awaiting a reply. But if anyone else is interested, feel free to drop me a message.