Help on 3d Model:

Hello! This is my first post and I’m asking for some help on a model. It is designed to be compatible with licensed products and so I need the model to be exactly right. Right now, it is a single piece that is designed to be either printed in metal or plastic, but due to the design, printing in all metal makes it too heavy for my purposes. So, splitting the model into 2 interlocking, permanently connected pieces made of both plastic and metal is what I would like to accomplish, as well as help in modifying some of the design. The link to download the files is here:

Hi there,
In general Plastic is lighter than Metal. But if your design needs to be a very light metal we recommend Aluminum (2.6 gram/cm3).

It depends on the material you pick whether interlocking parts are possible/allowed. You can find this info in the design guides as well as the clearance that needs to be foreseen in order to be able to produce it.

You should also make sure the accuracy we can deliver is in line with your expectations. Not all materials have the same accuracy. For example Aluminum has an accuracy of ±0.2% (with a lower limit of ± 200µ). We recommend foreseeing extra clearance where required.

You can find the details about accuracy on the material pages or in the design guides of each individual material. We always recommend ordering a test print first before ordering a larger quantity.

If you need assistance for adopting the design you can hire a designer through our website. I hope this helps!
Kind regards,