Hallmarking & Engraving


I hope you’re well!

I was wondering if you stamp your silver with 925 for UK customers still?

Also are you able to engrave/stamp/laser at all?

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We could still be doing that, since there will be at least a year of the transition period for the government to work out a new trade deal.
That said, we don’t stamp silver products in case there’s a chance it will damage the piece.

Thats great to hear! Do you laser in the 925 for more delicate silver products then?

Hi are we allowed to put our own hall marks and ID marks in the 3d model?

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hi ford,
by law , the manufacturer needs to put the hall mark and the ID mark.
Why would you like to put your own hall mark ?
Of course you can punch your own ID mark next to ours or are you asking us not to put ours ?


I am using the brass print/ casts to make rubber molds to do wax injection for casting in gold and silver.


Hi Ford,

Hallmarking is performed on Gold and Silver parts but not on Brass. More background information can be found here

I believe putting your own mark in the 3D file will only work if it is large enough so that the features are printable. More information on such surface details can be found at the bottom of the design guidelines.