Do you offer SLS finishes sample kits?

Looking at the SLS Sample Kits, it looks like they only exist to sample different colors in a specific finish (dyed, satin, polished.) Is it possible to offer an SLS sample kit with one each of given finishes, all in the same color? This would be useful for comparison, when the color choice is set but the choice of finish is to be determined.

Hi dlras2, it is a good suggestion to group the sample kits per color and not per finish. Today the sample kits are prepacked and considered as 1 product. Picking the needed color from the packages is not preferred from operational point of view. Did you have 1 or more colors in mind?

Hi Diras2, perhaps it’s also a good idea to create a small model and order this in the different finishes. Please keep in mind that for a Polyamide SLS part you need a minimum wall thickness of at least 9 mm for a polished model. In this material we charge a minimum price per model you can go up to 80 x 80 x 9 mm before the price increases. Although the finish can be a bit influenced by the geometry of the model, ordering 3 parts of this size in the desired finishes will give you a quiet good idea about the finishes. Kind regards Lizy

Does the dye color have much effect on how the various finishes turn out? I am looking at various single-colored prints that are offered in different finishes, and just trying to get a sense for what each finish actually would look like, its detail it keeps, etc. The precise colors aren’t as important, hence hoping for another sample kit option in whatever (single) color!

Thanks, were I needing a big order I probably would. But I can’t justify the price of building out my own sample kit in this way, given how much more economically the existing kits are priced, and the voucher as well!