Brass - dimensional tolerances for machine parts?

I am excited to browse your website and I am close to placing an order.

I make radio controlled tractors in scale 1:16.

Normally I make most of the parts on manual and CNC machines, but now I have some plans for parts that would require too many operations on this kind of production machines.

My question is, if I want mechanical parts to fit to each other like holes, slots and so on, would you suggest me to go 0.1mm under and then do mechanical post processing afterwards?

I want to make some parts in brass, with a number of holes, typically around Ø0,8 - 3mm. With a tolerance like H7.

Do you generally have any recommendations to this material for mechanical components?

Thank you very much for your time

Dear akolpen,

Thanks for your question.
Seems to be an interesting project you are having !

To answer to your question :
The offered brass isn’t really meant for technical applications.
The specs can be found here :
The accuracy is rather poor for the dimensions you are requesting.
Of course you could always try to give it a shot.


Hello Wim

Thank a lot for your reply.

I’ve been browsing around finding that I should probably scale my parts up 2% to allow for the shrinkage factor.

I would do that on your ordering page, right? Scale 102%?

Is that your recomandation too?

Thanks in advance.

Anders Kolpen

Dear Anders,

are you talking about brass or about steel ?
For brass, you do not need to compensate for the shrinkage because the shrinkage is neglectable.
For steel, however, compensation is needed.


Hello Wim

Thanks for your reply.

I was talking about brass :point_up:

I took your words on this topic and made an order.
However, I did scale it 1% just in case. It is easier to remove later than add… :slight_smile:

So I hope the shrinkage is none or less than one… :smiley:

I look forward to see my first parts!

/Anders Kolpen

Hello Anders,

I am interested in answers to the same questions you have. Please post here how the tolerances on your parts came out once you receive them, compared to the design dimensions.


Hello David

I’ve had a few parts made in brass for functional scale models.

I’ve scaled the parts 1% up (101%) to compensate for the shrinkage and they just fits perfectly.