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Fl21214-2 Starter Handle (Metal) for Luftwaffe aircraft

by Christoph Vernaleken


Very nice and accurate metal reproduction of the starter handle Fl21214-2 used on several German WW II aircraft. A comparison with a slightly battered original item (see photos) shows the excellent quality of this reproduction. Genuine items are very rare and much sought-after items, and consequently achieve exorbitant prices at online auctions.

Of course, the brass used here is somewhat heavier than the original aluminium alloy, but gives the genuine metal touch. The new black plated brass finish should also give this the perfect colour; otherwise a bit of spray paint will yield a perfect finish.

Note: If the original fixing screw (or equivalent) is to be used, a standard metric M3 thread needs to be cut.

Christoph Vernaleken

Christoph Vernaleken

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