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Phone pole holder 40 mm (version 2)

by Paulien Tan

  • Phone pole holder 40 mm (version 2)
  • Phone pole holder 40 mm (version 2)
  • Phone pole holder 40 mm (version 2)
  • Phone pole holder 40 mm (version 2)


f you are in a pole studio and you have one pole that is not used: why not use it to help you take the perfect video's or pictures?!

No more shaky video's! Just order the model and the soft plastic will fit right around your pole (only tested on chrome, rvs and powder coated poles). Put your phone in video mode and place it in the holder. Pole away as your phone will video everything you do, without being scared someone knocks over your stack of yogablocks you put your phone on.

This pole phone holder is suitable for a 40 mm pole and the version 2 means it got the pole diameter engraved! 

Do you have a different pole size? With 2 or 3 layers of electrical tape (or even duct tape) will make your holder 2 mm smaller.


I am so sorry I can't make them cheaper. This is mostly the cost of printing and shipping. I have to sell over a 100 of these before I can cover the costs of all my prototypes. 

The plastic of this holder has never scratched my chrome and powder coated pole, but ofcourse I can not be completely sure it will never happen. Any damage to your phone or pole is at your own risk! Please do let me know if anything happens so I can update my 3D model.


Paulien Tan

Paulien Tan

I make pole related 3D models at home. It is a hobby, not a job (so ordering/using my products is at your own risk) If you have a particular idea or wish, please let me know! I am happy to design anything pole related

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