Unboxing the Stratasys Fortus 900mc 3D printer

Super exciting day here at Materialise today, our newest 3D printer arrived. It is a Stratasys Fortus 900mc FDM 3D production system and we like  it a lot. Here is a simple guide to unboxing your Fortus 900mc.

Step 1. Open Truck. The blonde guy on the right, in the green tshirt is Robby, he manages the Materialise FDM center, the part of Materialise that 3D prints your ABS plastic designs for you.

Step 2. Remove crate.

Step 3. Remove all the blue plastic.

Step 4. Remove all clear plastic.

Step 5. Attach hooks.

Step 6. Attach to crane.

Step 7. Lift out of truck (also, never worry)

Step 8. Try fit through door.

Step 9. Tow into building. Pro Tip: protect your floor.

Step 10. Pull.

Step 11. Push.

Step 12. Be careful.

Step 12. Done.


We”re happy with our new printer, this is the 61st 3D printer we have. The Fortus is the largest FDM 3D printer in the world and joins its dozen smaller cousins in Materialise”s FDM Center. The Fortus 900mc will be used to print your parts in high quality ABS plastic.

  • Weight approximately 3000 kilo.
  • Largest build envelope 36 x 24 x 36  inch (914 x 610 x 914 mm)
  • 2 build material and 2 support material bays for extended unattended builds
  • Multiple layer thickness options 0.330 mm and 0.254 mm for faster throughput
    0.178 mm for higher surface finish and feature detail

More stats and a video on the Fortus page here.

  • http://www.3dPrintingServices.net 3D Printing Services

    It””s Huge! The first ever printer I””ve seen in that size. Wow! I hope to hear how it works with you guys and some videos, as now I””m thinking of getting one in the near future. Stratasys Fortus 900mc 3D printer looks great and can help with our 3D Printing Services. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://digg.com/0ldb0y min

    I came in here from a direct link… what are you guys planning on printing?

  • Robert

    and the ink will still cost $13,000 a gallon!

  • Joris

    @min, the printer will be used for many projects both for i.materialise and our parent company Materialise. The Fortus 3D prints ABS plastic this is highly dimensionally stable and tough. We””re hoping to make functional parts for car manufacturers with it as well as many engineering parts for i.materialise. So robot and UAV parts for example.

    @Robert, this 3D printer uses ABS plastic as a material. Luckily its not up there with the conventional printer ink in price!

  • Cosmin

    What other printers do you use? (SLS)

  • http://www.purplehub.nl/#/ Dimitar Dimitrov

    Is this printer only compatible with Stratasys materials or is it possible to use ABS plastic resins such as those Chinese companies sell on Alibaba and the like?

  • Yui

    Hi Dimitar, thanks for writing in! Indeed it’s compatible only with Stratasys materials ( in order to assure the highest print quality).

  • joebob91282

    When the 900mc is printing in a single material + support material, what’s the average current draw?

    The public data sheet asks for a 40 A @ 230VAC circuit, which would be about 9 kW. The Site Prep Guide mentioned is hidden behind the customer login.

  • joebob91282

    900mc tries to lock you into using their $400 canisters when bulk ABS costs only $0.50/lb. (bulk 10 metric ton min FOB ABS pellets off AliBaba). And for under $3k, you can make your own filament from pellets and recycle your own parts with printers that accept raw bulk filament.

  • http://www.purplehub.nl/#/ Dimitar Dimitrov

    @joebob91282:disqus Hey, joebob, the price of bulk ABS compared to canisters is what was bothering me.

    Actually I am doing a marketing project for school and I am struggilng with the technical side of it. You mentioned printers accepting raw bulk ABS – could you please reccomend me a source where I can read more about it? Or could you name a couple of printers that do so?

  • Bharath Vikhram

    hi guys… how is the maintenance cost of this machine? expensive?

  • Bharath Vikhram

    Has this page become very idle????