Zigguchain by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Zigguchain is a binary puzzle, inspired by Bram Cohen’s Ziggurat puzzle. The puzzle has six identical rings that are linked together into a chain. When together, all notches in the ring point sideways. The object is to take the chain apart. As the puzzle is binary, each additional ring takes about twice as many moves, so 64 moves for six rings. What makes Zigguchain (and Ziggurat) special is that they are “frame-less”. Regular N-ary puzzles have a frame against which the pieces rotate or slide. This puzzle doesn’t have a frame, as the adjacent rings keep all rings in place. Zigguchain may be the world’s most simplistic binary puzzle.

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Zigguchain---view-01 Zigguchain---view-02 Zigguchain---view-03 Zigguchain---view-04 Zigguchain---view-05 Zigguchain---view-06