Wish List plus Default Material Selection

I have 2 suggestions to improve the web site:

  1. A “Wish List” so that finished models can be prepared for ordering, then saved for the future. Then models from the Wish List could be added to the Shopping Cart with a single click when ready to order. Alternatively, the Shopping Cart could be made to save its status from one session to the next, which I don’t believe happens now. In that case, models could be added to the shopping cart and would stay there until the order is finalised, e.g. other models added, at a later date.

  2. The ability to set a default material for a user. This would avoid the need to select material type each time a new model is uploaded, and each time a model is reordered. A further feature would be the option to select a material type for each model. If selected, this would override the user’s default material type. In either case, the material type could still be manually selected to a different material at time of ordering. The defaults would save time and repetitive steps when ordering and reordering items, and also minimise the risk or ordering something in the incorrect material.

Hi Richard,
Thanks for the suggestions.
The shop items in the cart should be saved for a later session already if you are logged in. Isn’t that the case for you ?
We discussed internally about a wish list already, for now, we decided not to work with wish lists.

About the default material : that already possible by specifying the material in the url, but not really user friendly.
I added it to our backlog !


Ok, thanks. Yes, the shopping cart is saved between sessions. I thought I had tried this some time ago, but it does seem to be saved now.