Will dye clog 0.5 mm clearance? (polyamide MJF)

I’ve added hinges to my 3D model, to be printed in polyamide (MJF), with a clearance of 0.5 mm. If dyed black (unpolished), will this clearance be clogged?

Hi there,

The dye itself will not clog the clearance between the parts, but it can trap excessive powder that might remain in there. Usually, 0.5 mm clearance is enough to produce movable or interlocking parts, but the outcome also depends on the parts’ geometry and design. To minimize the risks, we’d recommend excluding the dyeing finish.

Hi Dmitri,

Thank you for your advice.

Okay, I’ll exclude the dye finish. Although I think the risk of trapping excessive powder is minimal because of the geometry and design. The movable/interlocking parts are straight forward hinges: an open cylinder. Although it has a small clearance of 0.5 mm, the clearance is open so the powder can be cleared by compressed air easily.

The reason why I won’t take the dye finish is because there will be holes in the object where I will glue some magnets. At these places there can’t be any paint if I understand correctly.
So I’ll dye my object by hand although I am very curious about your dye finish. Next time…