Wall thickness of eyewear hinge


I have a question regarding analysis of wall thickness on my model. The item is an eyewear frame to be printed in steel and plated.
The uploaded model is here: https://bit.ly/2F7wjLy

You should be able to see that insufficient thickness is reported around the hinge knuckles at the edge of the frame. The thickness is currently approximately 0.8mm.

This part of the frame will bear the forces of the temple arms but as it’s so small, I’m wondering if we will be able to “get away with it” as it is, or whether we should remodel the hinge to be more substantial.

I’ve read through your helpful documents but - as a newcomer to 3D printing - I would appreciate a little expert advice! I’m aware that there are other issues with the model. I’ll correct those in due course.

Thanks in advance

Hello Simon,

Talking about printing eyewear, i.Materialise is not a service that is specialized in nor certified to do. However we can surely assist with the prototype or just a job for the personal need. Steel is a rough material and technologically we can’t print in thickness less than 1mm, while in other metals 1mm thickness is not a strict must. If you intend to make eyewear, we’d advise to turn to our different department - Materialise Eyewear

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